Myanmar is one of the countries which depend heavily on their Agricultural sector, which accounts for approximately 38% of GDP, 23% of Exports, and 60% of employment coming from nation’s workforce in 2017, as reported by the World Bank. Ever since the privatization of the telecommunication industry 3 years ago, technology is no longer a new thing to people in Myanmar. Every part of the society – from the hotel managers in big cities to a small-time crop harvester in a small village – are using mobile devices to communicate in their daily lives. In fact, 80% of mobiles imported to Myanmar are smartphones according to International Data Corporation. The majority of people in Myanmar use Facebook, Viber and Line, which are the basic social communication apps.

With the rise of telecommunication users in rural areas, there are many startups and companies in Myanmar that are trying to help farmers with technology through the telecommunication channel. Most Agri-tech startups focus on the Agri-knowledge, crop price data, and weather information. However, there are some other out-of-the-box startups which enable users to rent agri-machinery, similar to the concept of hiring a car ride on “Uber’.

The followings are some of the startups and companies in Myanmar that are trying to change the landscape of Myanmar’s Agriculture sector. If you are passionate about contributing to the development of the local socio-economic development or interested in agricultural social enterprises, check them out!


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04 May, 2018 Prospects