Yes as  Agriculture /farming is a business and being a business “Recording” of yield and price for total income and netting expenses is very necessary.  

To become a successful farmer,  increasing the yield is not enough but the farmer also needs to know the investment for agriculture and optimally manage to estimate the profit.

There are now globally several kinds of applications available for this for farmers.  Different applications have different processes, and each has different levels of detail. Some systems are free of charge and some have charges for using them.  However, there are currently no applications in the Myanmar language. This is a big barrier for most of the farmers and agribusinessmen in Myanmar.

Green Way is introducing their “Farming Record” in Myanmar language soon on the Green Way app.

The specific reasons/benefits why we need to have the farming record are :

Accurately track the farming investment

Farmer/businessman can accurately track their investment in agriculture, livestock and /or fisheries.  They can then know the total expenses including labor cost. Therefore for trading, there is a higher chance to negotiate for real benefit/ profit versus a loss.

Recording of family labor is also necessary to record as family labor is a kind of investment. An owner of the company normally does not work without a salary.

A requirement for exporters, food industry, etc.

Nowadays, Myanmar exports not only to China but also to many other countries (including Singapore and western countries including the European Union (EU)). So, not only do we have to know that our crops qualify for export, but also must have the evidence for that.  For the evidence, “Records ” is one of the important sections.

Manage our agribusiness well

Can record which plot of land has been sprayed? Which plot of land has been hoed? Sometimes, we can forget but if we want to work more systematically, “Farming Record” is a must.

“Farming Record” works not only for recording, it also works as a reminder for future processes. So, trust in working with “Farming Record” which will be the best partner for farmers.

Tracking how much we have been spent up until now?

If somebody asked you “how much you have spent?”, what will you answer? The answer probably will be the number with estimation. But how much will it be exactly? You might think that’s not important.

Then, here is another question, “How much  have you spent for fertilizer, pesticides or labor?” After the results are coming out, you can decide to reduce the use of labor cost for the coming year to buy the farming machine similar to the cost. Maybe instead of using labor cost, buy some tools to reduce dependency on labor or change the type of fertilizer or pesticides to increase the yield. To make the decision, the recording is a must.

Applying for GAP or Organic Certificate?

To get these certificates, staff will come and test your field. At that time, do you have any recording to show? Nowadays, there is a “QR code” system which means if you capture the code via camera, you can know how / where  / when is it grown? And what kind of chemicals used can be known? If we can sell with this system, we can get more than double or triple the price. Don’t that make you envious? To become like that, we have to record systematically. If not, we can’t get it.

Are you getting envious right now? This kind of system will be coming soon on Green Way app.

Thein Soe Min

19 Jun, 2019