Greenovator agri-app is the latest brilliant addition to the Green Way family founded by the dynamic duo of Thein So Min and Yin Yin Phyu.  Originally conceived of as a way to outreach to farmers and link them with vital information and knowledge, it has metamorphosed into much more of a means to connect and build a network of people committed to bettering the future of farming – a win for all of us.


As Myanmar has leapfrogged ahead from a land of minimal fixed line telephones of around 500,000  to among the world’s highest rates of mobile uptake  with over 38 million sim cards now in circulation the team at Green Way has opted to take their farm advisory services direct to the farmers eyes via their smart phones.    Telenor has already set up for the Greenovator agri-app to be downloaded for free.  It can also be downloaded  via google play, 1mobile, drop box and zapya a sharing apps app.  “Our app is reader friendly, simple and easy to understand and navigate”, says Thein Soe Min “our ultimate aim is to create vital linkages that build knowledge and bring people together who are committed to a smarter and fairer future for farmers”.  The app includes “push notifications” of critical information like weather updates and current market prices.


The content of the app will include information on plant nutrients, crop management, post-harvest technologies, soil management, pest and disease management, water management and emerging technologies – a convenient way to incorporate useful advertising opportunities that generate positive livelihood outcomes.  This is a perfect compliment to their on-the-ground work in farm advisory and

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01 Jun, 2018 Myanmarnaturally